The Strollers

60's & Rock 'n' Roll

Original Sixties Band!

Dances, Parties, Weddings.

Bryan Seymour
01366 500476

Photo of Peter as he is with the Strollers
Peter in Stroller uniform complete with 1996 Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster!
Photo of Peter with Tom Weston Four
With Tom Weston Four during the 1970's
(When there was a World Barber shortage!!)

Peter - Lead Guitar - Backing Vocals

Peter had his first guitar (for Christmas) when he was fifteen. Two days later was his sixteenth Birthday and eighteen months later he was playing at local gigs (Southend-on-Sea, Essex) with his younger brother Bob in their band "The Cyclones". The band stayed together for a few successful years From around 1971 until 1973 Peter was in heaven as the backing guitarist for a five piece "Girl" band "The Dolcitones". A year or two later and Peter came down to earth and formed a new band, "Sounds Fore", with his Brother-in-law Don and younger Brother Phil'. This band ran for a few years and when it finally finished Peter joined a popular local band "TW5". After a year or two TW5 reformed as a Country band and was re-named "Tom Weston Four" and Peter stayed with them until 1977 when he left to join pop band "Silver Lining". This band run from 1977 until 1991 playing all kinds of music from strict dance tempo to disco and everything in between.
In 1991 Peter, his wife Barbara and dog Whisper moved from Essex to Norfolk. After a couple of years in the musical wilderness Peter joined local band "Double Impact". After that he played with Country band "Butch's Country", sixties band "Park Lane" and in "The Billy Jack Band" with local Country hero Jonny Rondo. Peter joined The Strollers at the end of October 2004 and is still thoroughly enjoying it.
Apart from playing guitar, Peter also likes to collect them and currently owns a 1962 Watkins Superline (his first electric guitar and pretty rare now), a 1971 Gibson SG, a 1973 Eko Twelve String, a 1976 Fender Stratocaster, a 1988 Jackson 'P' Bass, a 1989 Fender Telecaster, a 1996 Fender 50th Anniversary Stratocaster, a 1962 re-issue Gretsch Country Classic II, a 2004 Burns 40th Anniversary "Marvin" and a 2005 Burns Custom Marvin. He also still has that first guitar that dad bought him when he was fifteen!!

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